Digitizing Customer Experience & Services

Generally, first off-the-block towards the digital transformation, this solution offering helps organisations create sales and services experience from a customer point of view, giving them personalised experiences, includes website, mobile apps, chatbots.

Digitizing Marketing & Sales

With online and social media influencing customers buying decisions, this solution offering includes marketing and sales automation solutions. The tools help organisation capture key customer behaviours/patterns thereby helping marketers offer fit nor need, personalised offerings.

Modernizing Legacy Applications

In a move towards digital and a platform/ecosystem based solution selling, legacy applications that are monolithic and brittle to change, becomes a huge drag on the modernization effort. This solution offering brings consulting and our expertise on how to bring out the dynamic parts of the system to more modern technologies and ring fence the core system so that it can start participating in the API economy.


Sales & Distribution Automation

Our sales & distribution solution automates and streamlines entire customer lifecycle including lead management, prospecting, customer acquisition/onboarding to post sales services addressing needs of various stakeholders in the sales hierarchy. It can be customised for life insurance/general insurance as well as banks for their lending/customer acquisition applications.

Product Configurator

In today’s fast paced world, legacy systems take weeks/months to configure/test a new insurance product are simply not acceptable. Our Product configurator provides capability to import Product Excel Sheets to configure the products and automate the testing of the products and make the IT systems ready for the product launch in a matter of hours.


We introduce next gen telecommunication products to provide rich interconnection among connected and provide seamless wireless experience to all users beyond concrete walls and multi- stories. Plexus replaces concept of single Wireless family router with a new state of art WIMESH technology that covers every corner of your House/SOHO and allows you to have tens of devices connected over Gigabit Wireless Plexus Network.

Our range of products solves:

• Frequent Network breaks due to limited router coverage.
• Issues around frequent bursts while watching videos due to multiple repeaters.
• Troublesome need to shift connections within the house.
• And many more...

About us

In today's fast changing world, businesses are facing disruption not only from their own competitors but also from totally unexpected quarters. Navigating this complex maze requires agility, innovation and expertise. Technology is increasingly becoming pivotal in staying ahead of the curve. We have requisite experience and the essential know-how to carve out a path to your success.

Our Team

We are a team of fun loving people with hawk eye focus on bringing cutting-edge products, associated services and digital transformation solutions to our customers. Our team comprises of business leaders, technology evangelists, problem solvers from leading Global Technology and Consulting organizations. Founder have vast experience of working across various industry verticals primarily Telecommunications, Banking and Financial Services and StartUps.

Core Values

Our Core values are our actions and our commitment to EXECUTE. We are passionate about listening to our customers, partners and employees. Winning with you is our accomplishment and pride.

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